Barts X Medicine


Barts and the London Medical School is currently designing a new curriculum for 2020. Traditional teaching and content needs to be modernised and disrupted to produce the doctors of tomorrow. Medicine itself is undergoing exponential changes in the science and delivery of a modern healthcare system.

Karl Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum suggests that we are experiencing the 4th Industrial revolution with the fusion of technologies that are beginning to blur the lines between the biological, digital and physical worlds. There is an interface of technologies like AR, VR, AI, Robotics, Data, sensors etc which are likely to drastically change the way healthcare is practised.

Digital Health will change the way care is delivered and patient empowerment with access to the internet and data will drive many of these changes. Both precision and personalised medicine will refocus clinical care on individualised patients.

There is an enormous appetite amongst the medical students to engage in developing solutions that will benefit patients in the future. Many of our students have other skills that are not used for example coding, computer technology background, business development, web and app development. Traditional medical school teaching does not utilise or indeed offer opportunities within existing curricula to harness these skills.
Barts and the London would be the first medical school in the UK and probably the first in the world to undertake this initiative for all students and to be embedded in the curriculum.

The NHS requires future leaders to be able to develop ideas to allow the improvement of clinical practice and utilise technology as a mechanism to drive change and efficiency
through innovation.


See the Student BMJ article regarding our programme:

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